The Ragdoll cat - All you need to know

Are You Considering Buying A Ragdoll Cat?

Ragdolls are large cats with pretty blue eyes and soft bushy tails. They do not have extreme features. A male ragdoll cat may reach over 20 pounds and a female cat reaches as high as 15 pounds. Their coats are soft and feel much like cashmere.

Ragdolls have four different types of coat patterns: van, bicolor, mitted, and pointed. Each of these patterns come in six different colors: blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, and seal.

Pointed ragdoll cats have siamese type markings with dark ears, legs, and tails with a creamy colored body.

Mitted ragdoll cats look like pointed ragdolls except they have mittens and boots are soft, fluffy white, and so are their chins.

Bicolor ragdoll cats have white legs, a white underbelly, a white chest and an upside down V marking on their face are white. Only the tail, ears, and the outer part of their masks show darker markings.

Vans ragdoll cats have crystal white bodies that contrast with their point markings and blue eyes. Only the top of the maks, ears, and tail, and sometimes some spots on the body show darker markings.

Ragdoll cats are gentle cats which are careful not to scratch people and they are good with children, older people, and with dogs. They usually will not scratch or bite even when frightened or in pain. They are usually not jumpers. They like to stay on the floor. They do not speak very often and when they do speak they have a soft voice. They are people oriented cats that will often greet you when you get home from work. They will follow you around, sleep with you, and generally keep you company wherever you go in the house (even the bathroom!) Ragdolls love attention.

Ragdoll cats are calmer cats compared to some. They are less likely to be knocking stuff off your table or knocking a cup out of your hand than some other cats!

Ragdolls need little help when it comes to grooming. They groom and bath themselves. They rarely shed, have hairballs, or need any grooming at all unless they are a show cat. While Ragdolls do not normally need to be combed they actually do enjoy it!

Ragdolls are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. They are a friendly calm breed of cat. If you are on the look out for a new cat then a ragdoll is definitely a great choice!

Mike Jensy
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