Happy Furry Friday!

originally uploaded by MacaDamien.

When I first adopted Cory, she was just a kitten and I'd been reading about how you can train your cat to use the toilet. No messy litter boxes, no odor...sounded good to me!
I fashioned a frame out of sturdy cardboard and made a drop-down litter pan (thanks to duct tape, man's best friend). I filled the pan with litter and encouraged Cory to hop in.

Unfortunately, at first, Cory merely thought I went out of my way to make her a really neat place to hang out, as evidenced here.
She eventually caught on and I think she would have taken to the whole idea of using the toilet to do her 'business', if I hadn't gotten too impatient and cut the middle hole too big.

She jumped up one day and splashed right into the water. Needless to say, the experiment ended up in the crapper, so to speak.

by MacaDamien