More Fofuras!

More Fofuras!, originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas.

Toji ""Life is so good!"
Lua "What are you looking with this silly face"?
Goku "I want to be in the picture too!

by fofurasfelinas

What happened to Spring?

What happened to Spring?, originally uploaded by Boered.

Last week the weather was sunny and the temperature was in the 80's. This week it dropped to the 30's and we had snow!

Poor Baby - he looks so miserable all covered with snowflakes - I really tried to get him to come into the house but he just wouldn't move!

by Boered on 7 Apr 07

ensconsed 2 is one

ensconsed 2 is one, originally uploaded by macaSTAT.

don't wake me up!

don't wake me up!, originally uploaded by gina loves kitties.