How To Choose A Cat Name

If you're finding it difficult to choose a name for your new kitten or cat there are a few pointers which might help. Cats are notoriously independent and although they become accustomed to routine, they are not as 'trainable' as dogs. It's well known that dogs can hear hard consonants (T, D, K) easiy and this helps when naming them. Research shows that cats find it easier to learn names with one, or two syllables and easier still if they end in 'ie' or 'y'.


Cats are naturally disdainful and give the impression of being high-born. For this reason, it's tempting to give them a long-winded aristocratic name. That's fine, but be prepared to shorten it for every day use. Does the shortened version sound good - or not what you had in mind?

Call My Name

New kittens are adorable and the names that spring to mind may reflect this gorgeous bundle of fur. But kittens grow into cats…very quickly. Try to choose a name that will suit the cat for the rest of it's life. Once you have made a choice, stick with it so that the cat can learn to make the association. If you keep changing your mind the cat will become very confused and may lose interest altogether!

Don't Be In A Huge Rush

Waiting a few days can make choosing the name a lot easier. Get to know your cat and watch as a character and personality emerges. A name may emerge naturally! Don't forget that you will be calling for the cat. Will you really feel comfortable shouting Tibbles within earshot of the neighbors?

Inspired By Fame...

Here are some famous cats to give you inspiration.

* Duchess - the elegant Persian in Disney's 1970 animation, The Aristocats.

* O'Malley - the alley cat who adored Duchess.

* Garfield - a fat, lazy, adorable comic strip cat created in 1978 by Jim Davis.

* Felix - the star of the first 'talkie' cartoon (a year before Mickey Mouse!) and NBC's TV test pattern until the 1930's.

* Sylvester - cartoon cat always chasing Tweetie Pie.

* Morris - a fourteen pound, orange colored tabby cat. Spokes-cat for a cat food company, Morris was invited by President Nixon to co-sign the National Animal Protection Bill. Morris did this - with a paw print!

* Socks - President Bill Clinton's cat.

* Tom - beloved 'partner' of Jerry mouse.

* Mimsey - the MTM kitten, a parody of the MGM lion.

What Have Famous People Named Their Cats?

* Sir Winston Churchill had a ginger tabby called Jock who was apparently present at many wartime cabinet meetings.

* Abraham Lincoln's cat was called Tabby - one assumes it was!

* Nostradamus had a pet called named Grimalkin!

* Edward Lear's tabby was named Foss - the inspiration for The Owl and the Pussycat.

* Sir Walter Scott owned a tabby named Hinx.

* Sir Isaac Newton adored cats and invented the cat flap!

* Joni Mitchell had a cat named Nietzsche.

Get Help Online

If you still can't decide what to call your cat, do a search for cat names. There are many sites with extensive lists of suggestions to help you. Enjoy!

Rebecca Prescott
Cat Care & Breeds

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