Purr-Pants, a Fabulous Shelter Cat

Mauritian Kitten

Mauritian Kitten, originally uploaded by mira_o.

cute kittens

, originally uploaded by gillianleigh.

Hi there!

Hi there!, originally uploaded by Nettan75.

funny face

funny face, originally uploaded by spaniel shari.

soo sleepy kitten

soo sleepy, originally uploaded by coldmountainpix13.

Who is waking me?

Who is waking me?, originally uploaded by veraecho.

I don't want to get up now~~(funny kitty of my friend,sleeping like a person in her bed)

by veraecho

Funny Cat Face

Funny Face, originally uploaded by Aiko Heiwa.

Baby Boys

Baby Boys, originally uploaded by belliebottom.

Surprise Attack!

Surprise Attack!, originally uploaded by belliebottom.

Jinxie's World

Jinxie's World, originally uploaded by Boered.

For those that don't know - 5 months ago I found Jinx along the side of the road ,out in the middle of nowhere, while I was driving to work. He was a teeny tiny little kitten then, and just skin and bones... the poor baby was starving. I took him home, and he soon took over. He's such a little devil - he gets into everything, terrorizes my other 12 cats (but I think they enjoy it as much as he does), hangs out with the goats during the day, eats the ducks' food, and just basically rules the roost around here. And we love every second we spend with him! I don't think I could have found a cat with more personality if I searched the world over, and how lucky was I that Jinxie was in the right place at the right time?!

by Boered

Sakura is super fine!

Sakura is super fine!, originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas.

I just can't believe she suffered a surgery yesterday!
She is playing a lot by the house, and eating a lot too!

Such a brave kitty!

by fofurasfelinas

Specter and "his" babies

Specter and "his" babies, originally uploaded by Boered.

Specter is a male cat that showed up here a couple of years ago. At first we only saw fleeting glimpses of him running to and from our barn (so I named him “Specter”- like a ghost). Eventually he became brave enough to come up onto our deck, where all of my cats get fed, but he was still terribly afraid of us. He’s finally grown to trust us and is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met. But poor Specter apparently had a very hard life before he came to live with us… he has a crooked mouth (which makes him drool a bit) and skinny/weak rear legs and tail. I think he was either hit by a car at some point, or horribly abused.

The funny thing about Specter is that he LOVES kittens! I discovered that last year when my cat Binky gave birth to 3 kittens under a pile of wood out in our woods. Everyday when Binky left the kittens to go eat or hunt, I’d see Specter sneak into her hiding spot. He’d sit in there with the kittens and he’d hiss at anyone who tried to look inside the woodpile to see them. Later when they got a little bit bigger, he’d even carry them around in his mouth! One of those kittens happened to be Fat Kitty – the cat who just had kittens on my deck a few weeks ago. I don't think Specter is the father.

Now Specter spends all of his time with Fat Kitty’s kittens. He sleeps in the hay with them and kisses them all over, just like a mother cat. I’ve even seen him lay there purring and purring while the little kittens try to nurse off of him! Specter is definitely at his happiest, when he’s surrounded by kittens.

by Boered

The boys are getting ready for spring

Dad and daughter

Dad and daughter, originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas.

Give It to Me...

Give It to Me..., originally uploaded by Araleya.

Pouting Kitten

Pouting Kitten, originally uploaded by Elkay 724.

Tigger says "Ramy how much room do you want!?"


Bing-sunbathing, originally uploaded by red_a_27.

my Big boy's beautiful face

my Big boy's beautiful face, originally uploaded by red_a_27.


Vaaaaaaaaaaaaau!, originally uploaded by Mia-mia.

Sweet dreams...

Sweet dreams..., originally uploaded by Levana's Cats =^..^=.

So romantic... kitty kiss


flirt, originally uploaded by Nils Jorgensen.

No - It's Mine!

No - It's Mine!, originally uploaded by sashvh.

Father & son

Father & son, originally uploaded by Jeremy_K.

father: Momo
son: Bing



320-March'07, originally uploaded by Silvia Inacio.

Princesa, Bigodes and Noddy

177-July'06, originally uploaded by Silvia Inacio.

Sam´s Song

Sam´s Song, originally uploaded by a COWsignal from outer space.

kitty vs. godzilla

kitty vs. godzilla, originally uploaded by Gen Kanai.

milo's new friend (simone's first day home)

Peering up from the couch cushions


Catrina, originally uploaded by Pockafwye.

Catrina supervises my Honey while he shovels the deck.

She isn't usually allowed outside, but in the snow she's unlikely to try to go far. She doesn't like walking on the stuff. So this time of year we let her "help" shovel.

by Pockafwye

What a laugh

What a laugh, originally uploaded by Pockafwye.


Granny, originally uploaded by samipii.

I got socks

I got socks, originally uploaded by Tosawyer.

we were goofing around with Junior and I put my (dirty) socks on him, to my surprise he loved it... guess we'll have to go out and buy some in his size!

by Tosawyer

Looking straight into your eyes...

He just looks so expressive and thoughtful in this photo... miss him very much :'(

by rytamagna

My lazy boy

My lazy boy..., originally uploaded by rytamagna.

Motherly love

Motherly love, originally uploaded by rytamagna.

He is the only survivor of five kitties... :'( So sorry that the others didn't make it, and my cat now has so much love to give to this little cutie! I'm very happy that now he's safe with us at home!! :))

by rytamagna

Grr.... I'm a dangerous black panther....

Natural instinct

Natural instinct, originally uploaded by rytamagna.

My cat is feeding her newborn kittens :D
by rytamagna

Sweet brothers

Sweet brothers..., originally uploaded by rytamagna.

They look so innocent... Especially because they aren't able to see anything yet!! :) They're so tiny...!! :D

by rytamagna

Why are you laughing at me, it's not funny!

My cat got stuck and looked at me with a very funny expression

by rytamagna

Good Place To Sit

Good Place To Sit, originally uploaded by Icky Pic.

Not sure why Miguel does this, but Carlos doesn't seem to be fazed by being sat upon. They are the best of friends often napping together.

by Icky Pic

Gracie Chatters at Wasp

Gracie Chatters at Wasp, originally uploaded by StroudFoto.

Whenever Gracie or any of the other cats see a bug, butterfly or bird they chatter. It's really funny to photo. I usually can egg them on by saying "bird, bird, bird" in a high-pitched tone and they all join in like a choir.

by StroudFoto o

Cracking Up

Cracking Up, originally uploaded by StroudFoto.

Chevy and Allie were about 9 and 12 weeks old here. They became fast friends.

by StroudFoto

Hungry Man!

Hungry Man!, originally uploaded by StroudFoto.

In Loving Memory 1999 - 2006

by StroudFoto

Sometimes You Have to Stop and Smell The Flowers

Cats are certainly curious, as was Chevy with the silk floral arrangement on our dining room table. One bite and he realized, "not too good"!

by StroudFoto

OK, You caught me with a date in the Penthouse!

Chevy looks as if he's hit the big time!

by StroudFoto

This heat is killing me

This heat is killing me, originally uploaded by darshu.