Keep Kitty from Scratching on the Furniture

If you are like the majority of cat owners in the world, I'm sure you would love to find an alternative scratching source for your beloved pet. Preferably something besides the sofa or your favorite easy chair! Cat owners everywhere have had to deal with the age-old habit of "scratching".

"Scratching" is not only your cats way of sharpening its claws, it also exercises the muscles and keeps your cat in shape. "Scratching" also tends to ease your kitties stress. It is a very necessary trait or habit, and also an unbreakable one, and one that will remain in his daily routine.

Providing your kitty with an alternative scratching source is the first step! The simplest and most widely used is an actual "scratching post". They are reasonably priced, take up very little space, and come in a varity of styles and colors.

This is where most cat owners make a big mistake! Purchasing the right kind of "scratch post" is vital to the process of keeping your cat from ruining your furniture! Some "scratch posts" are covered with a cloth material. These types are very similiar to your furniture in your cats mind, and will do little to stop his furniture scratching.

Some cat owners prefer the "real wood" scratch post, because it is most likely what they would be scratching if they were outside all the time. The downside of that option is the continuous clean-up of the wood that is deposited by the scratching.

The most popular style is the "sisal rope scratch post". A "sisal rope scratch post" consists of a base (with a variety of base colors), and a post that has been wrapped with the "sisal rope". Sisal is a very durable material that will hold up to a whole lot of scratching by more than one cat. If it does happen to need replaced, some new rope and a little glue will do the trick.

Once you have purchased your choice of a "scratch post", rub it down with a little catnip to get your cats attention, and place it where it is easily accessable. You can also attach some kind of toy to the post to attract his attention. As he gets used to it, gradually move it where it is convenient.

Ernie Carroll
Cat Furniture Store

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