Icicle's Story Will Melt Your Heart

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This little boy kitty, Icicle, and his sister Avalanche were abandoned not in one of the more usual cruel ways. They were abandoned in a heinously cruel way, by being thrown out of the window of a moving car. I hope whoever saw that happen got a license number and description of the monster that would do that. Avalanche was not in the compartment with him; so I am hoping she got adopted already.
Maybe she was just getting some medical attention. Here is hoping for a happy ending for these little kitties.
I saw him today at Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis, Oregon. I picture the cats and kittens and sometimes dogs there, not for people to zero in on one in particular and call long distance and demand that it be shipped to them, but rather so local people know about them, and the long distance people can realize how lovely and varied the animals are at their own local humane society. I do not work for Heartland. I am not an official volunteer there. I do pet the kitties, and cats and take lots of pictures and donate towels and things like that, and try the make the animal's lives a little better with some attention. So I am more of an unofficial ambassador.

By Pixel Packing Mama.

It is indeed a heart-breaking story. But, Pixel Packing Mama, you did a generously good work. Many thanks!