Understanding Kidney Disease In Cats

Kidney disease in older cats is especially worrisome. It is also known as chronic renal failure and is a common problem in older cats. It is seen in cats of all ages, but mostly older cats.

Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Cats

* Your cat is drinking much more water than usual
* Your cat is urinating much more than usual

These will be the most noticeable symptoms for you and your cat. When the kidney is not functioning properly, it can't concentrate your cat's urine. However, your veterinarian will probably conduct some blood tests just to rule out any other illness, as this can be a sign of another illness.

Unfortunately, the symptoms don't usually become apparent until about three quarters of the kidney is already in failure. Just as unfortunate is the fact that kidney disease (chronic renal failure) in cats has no cure or way of reversing the damage. The disease will continue, but there are ways you can make your cat more comfortable in the years she has left.

Treatment can include the following

1. Diet: You might hear or read things that suggest certain special diets for your cat. However, the most important thing is that your cat is eating. If your cat doesn't like the diet and refuses to eat the food, it doesn't do much good. Feed your cat the foods she likes to eat, staying with nutritional, healthy foods. Don't feed your cat just dry food. They will need the moisture from other foods to help keep them hydrated.

2. Nutrition: Your veterinarian might suggest a special food called Renafood, which can help better your cat's kidney function. You might need to crush it into your cat's regular food, but most cats actually like it.

3. Supplemental Fluids: Your veterinarian can give your cat supplemental fluids at their office or teach you how to do it at home. This is one of the best ways to keep your cat hydrated.

There are many ways to help you help your cat live out a happier and healthier life and the most important part of that is keeping them hydrated. Your cat's kidneys can no longer keep the water because of the damage that is already there and it can't be reversed. Ask your veterinarian what else you can do to keep her hydrated, because this will in turn keep her more comfortable. Your vet might suggest some homeopathy, herbs, flower essences and/or acupuncture to help make your cat feel better.

Your vet may also suggest some medicines to help. There are some that can help, just make sure you have all of the information on them (including side effects) in case you find your cat may have some unwanted effects from them.

Jean Morgan
Natures Healthy Pet

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